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By now you should already know that I’m in love with this glorious, wonderful, and comforting malt energy drink. There is something about it that calms my nerve each time I feel stressed out. The smell of it awaken my senses, and when that malty-chocolately drink touches my tongue… It’s like, it’s hugging me from within. I can go on and on about how good it makes me feel, and try to express my love for Milo but I will not put you through that, or else this post will never end! Just try it if you haven’t already. It is easily and widely available at supermarkets if you are from Asia, if not, you can get it at Asian supermarkets. It is kind of like Carnation Malted Milk, Ovalitine, or Horlick, only more delicious! Before my husband and I started dating, he had no idea what he was missing. I introduced him to this yummy goodness, and yup… he is hooked too! I like to have my Milo piping hot, like hot chocolate, he likes his iced. How do you like yours?

I’ve tried Milo that was produced in Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Ghana, and New Zealand. Each country has it’s own unique recipe, some tasted more malty, some more milky, and others more chocolately, catering it uniquely to its people. I love it that it is customized for each country. I’m sure we all drink our Milo differently in different countries. Singaporeans make it with sweetened condensed milk, the Thais make it with sweetened condensed milk, sugar, and evaporated milk, and the other version is to make it with fresh milk. They are all equally nice, even when I drink it with just the Milo powder with hot water alone. Alright, enough of me talking about how good Milo is. Here is the recipe round up. Click on the picture to go to recipe page.

Milo Ogura Xiang Si Cake: Cottony soft cake!

S’mores Milo Brownie: A personal favourite and among many who have tried it! 

Banana Chia Seeds Milo Muffins

The very popular Milo Cookies!

Milo Molten Lava Cake: Lava Cake with a twist!

Magic Milo Cake: 1 batter, multiple layers.

Milo Nestum Cookies: Milo cookies with a crunch!

Milo Loaf Cake: Easy Peasy Moist Milo Cake

Milo Whoppie Pie: A cross between a cookie and a cake!

Milo-Misu: A delicious, kid friendly, and egg-less twist to the yummy Tiramisu.

Nutella Stuffed Browned Butter Salted Milo Cookies: Milo cookies with a bang!

Milo German Cookies: Melt in your mouth Milo cookies!

Milo Zebra Japanese Cheesecake: Cottony soft cheesecake with Milo zebra pattern.

Egg White Milo Bundt Cake: Milo Munavalgekook

S’mores Sandwiched Milo Brownies

Milo Cake Roll (Swiss Roll) with Condensed Milk Whipped Cream

16 Milo recipes especially for Delishar’s readers! Thank you so much for your support! Delishar is almost 1, and there is something very special coming up! Please help to share Delishar’s Facebook Page, Blog Address, and any recipe that you like! Don’t forget to like Delishar’s FB Page, and follow my blog! Stay tune for more delicious recipes and Bon Appetit!

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WMF Precision Meets Harmony Review + 3 recipes! – Delishar

A while ago, I attended a WMF event introducing the Precision Meets Harmony Series which is now available in major departmental stores. Click HERE to read about the WMF luncheon event. 
I’m a fan of WMF and I was thrilled when they asked if I would like to review their Concento Cookware and Chef’s Edition Knives. Can’t say no to quality cookware can I? The people from WMF sent me a 20cm saucepan, 24cm high casserole from their Concento series, 1 Chef’s edition knife, and carving knife. I recreated the Graupensuppe (German Barley Soup) that was served at the event. I used the products that WMF sent me to make the ultra delish Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya and Chicken in Milk.
The saucepan was big enough to cook for about 4 pax. I made my Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya in it and I have to say I was more than happy with the performance of the cookware. Everything was very evenly cooked, which means that the TransTherm universal base of WMF’s product nicely and evenly distributed the heat in the solid heavy saucepan. No burnt bits or hot spots. Let’s take a look at the saucepan.

Aesthetically already a winner! I love the beautiful chrome look of the whole product. WMF’s Concento saucepans are oven-safe up to 220C. So you can sear your meat on the stove top and send it directly into the oven!

You know the design team of WMF put in effort and thoughts into the needs of a consumer. Details like marking the internal side of the pot for easy measurement of liquid makes cooking more efficient.

The handles are heat proof as well, tried and proven. Here I was heating the saucepan on my stove, but I can still safely use my hands to hold the handle without any heat protection. The internal of the saucepan is flushed all around, it means there is no annoying screws to tighten after some time of usage, no rivets means that there will be no place for grease to hide. Yay to more hygienic cookware!

The 24cm high casserole from their Concento series can easily fit a 2kg whole chicken. I used it to make Chicken in Milk and boy was I happy with the results!

I love the versatility of the casserole, which I used to pan-sear then oven-roasted a whole chicken. Used it in place of a Dutch oven. Everything turned out perfectly golden brown and beautifully moist. 

Once again, I’m impressed by the quality and details (internal markings) of the product. The aesthetic factor, just shouts gorgeous elegance! I really like the clean smooth look of the Concento. Big plus for me: no rivets! 

Heat-proof handles as you can see. The butter in the pan is bubbling here and I can still hold the handle with my hand. But of course, use a kitchen mitt when you are taking the casserole of out the oven. Any heat proof material will heat up in the oven after a long period of time!

I wouldn’t even bother keeping the casserole in the drawers if I own it. There is no need to ‘hide’ it, it should be showcased as a centrepiece of the kitchen. Doesn’t it just look gorgeous?!

The Chef’s edition knife, and carving knife came beautifully packaged.

When I slide open the wooden box, I was greeted by the beautifully crafted knives made in quality stainless steel. They felt solid and sturdy. The blades were worked over the whole length with the forging hammer. The Cromargan handles are seamless and fits the hand comfortably and securely. The craving knife worked like a dream while I craved my roasted chicken. The weight of the knife gave me the stability I needed to make clean perfect cuts when I craved the chicken to serve.

Here is a comparison of the WMF Performance Cut knives and my Global knives. As shown in the picture, you can still see the ‘connection’ point where the handle and blade meets on the WMF knives compared to the Global knife.

The curve between the blade and the handle gave me a very comfortable grip. The width of the blade was also wider, great for smashing garlic!

Quality product made in Germany. 🙂

The heel of my Global knife compared to WMF’s.

WMF’s has a rounded smooth and thicker heel.

The best way to test out a knife is to slice a tomato and see how much damage it does to it. I’m only using one hand to slice the tomato into half. It took some getting use to when handling the Performance Cut knife as I am used to using a lighter knife.

Comparing it to my Global knife. Which do you think was smoother?

The cut on the tomato using Global was very clean. No bruising on the sides at all.

There seemed to be a slight tear on the side of the tomato. Both tomatoes were of very similar size and firmness.

Another view of the tomato using WMF’s knife.

Aesthetically, the Performance Cut Knives looks very handsome. I can see why the 2 products were befittingly packaged together. The knives gave a comfortable grip, the blade was sharper than a lot of the knives I’ve handled. Surprisingly, the smooth handle of the knife was not at all slippery even when my hand was wet. Even when I had a little grease from craving the roast chicken, the grip was not compromised. The sharp blade made carving a breeze and even allowed me to cut through some tiny bones without having to exert much force. 

The weight of the knife is something I probably need some time to get used to. However, my husband tried it and commented that it felt like a men’s knife. I’m utterly in love with the Concento cookware, and would not hesitate to recommend it to people who are looking to purchase a new set of cookware.

Overall, I have to say that the 2 products definitely lived up to the brand’s high standards and great reputation. Thank you WMF for giving me the chance to review such an awesome set of products!

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