Thai Curry Risotto with Sous Vide Egg – Delishar

A couple of weeks ago, I got to work with an electronic kitchen machine, the Bellini SuperCook Kitchen Master. I conveniently named her Belle. Belle was the sous chef in my very tiny kitchen. And she was an awesome help, not only because of the efficiency of her work, but also because she worked over-time for me without complaining. That freed up my time for me to do some very important stuff, shopping. On-line shopping for CNY clothing to be specific, and 2 dresses to be even more specific. 😛 So, thank you Belle. Without you, I’d be standing by the stove, sweating my behind off and working the arm muscles with the constant stirring of the risotto. 


Two weeks ago, I shared how I used the Bellini SuperCook to make Hainanese Chicken Rice. The machine allowed me to steam a whole chicken, collect the juices to make fragrant chicken rice. As mentioned before this affordable German engineered cooking machine that will be available in SG soon. Priced at almost half of what you will pay for competing brands. 

Hereis a quick look at the Specifications of the Bellini SuperCook:

  • 2 Liters Stainless Steel Jar
  • 13 functions including steaming, blending, kneading, pulverising and chopping
  • Cooking temperature: 40 ° – 130 °C, in 5 °C steps
  • 1000W heating for cooking, 500W for mixing
  • 10 speeds + turbo mixing functions
  • Libra Weighing scale
  • Standard accessories: Vapore steam trays, measuring cup, 
stainless steel knife (Sharp), 
stainless steel knife (Blunt),
stainless steel jar, cooking basket, whisk paddle, spatula, recipe book, Yumi App with SD card.
  • Yumi Control System with 36 installed recipes collection and access to over 3800 free online recipes that you can download and save on the system.
  • Wifi synchronisation between the Yumi Control System and SuperCook Yumi App on your mobile phone. Your phone would then guide you through the precise steps of cooking your favourite dish. You can either create your own recipes and upload them or you can download the free recipes and use them at your convenience

This time, I made a creamy risotto that packs a punch, then topped it with a 75C sous vide egg with lava yolk for the double oomph factor. When I first received the machine, and learned about the stirring blade, it struck me that I can make creamy risotto without any effort at all! So naturally, I started pairing ingredients in my head.

A lot of my cooking blog readers have requested for vegetarian recipes (yes, of course I heard you). So here’s one to add on to your cooking repertoire. Of course, the egg is up to your personal preference. I opted for an organic vegan curry paste in this recipe, but you can use whatever you fancy. 

The SuperCook did a wonderful job as you can see. From chopping to sautéing, and cooking the risotto perfectly! The risotto turned out al dente and absolutely creamy. Because I left it up to the machine to do the cooking & stirring, I have to admit that I was slightly worried that my risotto will turn out like congee, but it didn’t! 

Thai Risotto with Sous Vide Egg 1

Let’s talk about the egg. Yes, I made it in the SuperCook as well. The cooking machine allows you to set and maintain a cooking temperature, and with that function I though why not try to see if I can sous vide something. And sous vide I did. It took a while for the water in the jar to get to the set temperature. I had to do a little trial and error, nothing too major. I used a kitchen thermometer to monitor the water temperature.

First time, I set the temperature to 75C, speed 2 and it took about 18 minutes to get the water up to temperature. Then the next time, I set it at 80C, speed 3 to get the water moving a little more. This time, only about 8-10 minutes to get the temperature up. I lowered the temperature to 75C, and popped the eggs in for 13 minutes. The eggs turned out AMAZING. The husband came home from work, and had 2 servings of the risotto. He commented that it was spicy but could not stop eating it. 2 hours after dinner, he went to the fridge and had another serving.

If you are interested in the SuperCook, and would like to learn more about it, visit for more details, and like their Facebook Page to keep abreast to tips, and promotions. The Bellini SuperCook Kitchen Master is set to launch sometime in March 2016. Register your interest now. 🙂


Thai Curry Risotto


  • 200 g Aborio Rice
  • 200 g Shimeji Mushrooms cleaned and separated
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil or olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 1/2 yellow onion
  • 400 ml hot water or salt free vegetable stock
  • 200 ml coconut milk
  • 1/2 cup frozen peas
  • 1 1/2 tbsp red curry paste or to taste
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Chopped parsley to garnish
  • Place onion and garlic into jar with sharp blade attached.

  • Process at speed 5, 10 seconds.

  • Scrap down with spatula, and sauté at speed 1, 90C, 3 minutes.

  • Add mushrooms, curry paste, and arborio rice.

  • Sauté at speed 1, 80C, 90 seconds.

  • Pour in hot water/stock, coconut milk, and cook at speed 1, 90C, 18 minutes.

  • Add frozen peas, season with salt and pepper to taste, and cook at speed 1, 90C, 2 minutes.

  • Remove to serving plate, and garnish with chopped parsley.

Directions for cooking in pot/french oven.
Dice onions, and mince garlic.
Saute onion until translucent with coconut oil, then add garlic and saute for 30 secs.
Add rice, mushroom, and curry paste. Saute for 1 minute.
Add hot water/stock 1/2 cup at a time, stirring constantly allowing liquid to be absorbed before adding the next 1/2 cup.
Do the same for coconut milk until desired consistency.
Season with salt and pepper to taste.
Add frozen peas 2 minutes before removing from heat.
Rice should be tender but still firm to the bite, cooking time about 25 minutes.
Garnish with chopped parsley.


75C Sous Vide Egg


  • 2 large eggs
  • 2 litres water
  • Place rice basket into jar.

  • Add enough water to submerge eggs.

  • Remove eggs, and bring water up to temperature.

  • Heat water at speed 3, 80C for 10 minutes.

  • When timer is up place eggs in basket, set at Speed 2, 75C, 13 minutes.

  • Remove from basket and place eggs in cold water to stop cooking process.

  • I recommend to serve immediately.

  • Crack egg over risotto and serve.

Thai Risotto with Sous Vide Egg insta 2

Disclaimer: While this post was a made possible by All the above opinions are of my own.  

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Salted Egg Yolk Wings – Delishar

It’s been a while since I indulged in salted egg yolk. It’s a once in a blue moon treat for me. It has also been a while since I shared chicken wings recipe on my blog. The last one was last year I think, when I shared my Lime Cilantro Crispy Wings. On that post, I shared about how to attain crispy oven-fried chicken without thick batter and deep-frying.

Using a secret ingredient, baking powder. That combined with a little coating of flour, a very light spray of cooking oil, and a hot oven was all that was needed. The baking powder helps draw out moisture from the skin and evaporates the moisture as it cooks, allowing the chicken skin to crispy up. Flour helps to lock in the juices of the chicken to keep it moist. At the same time, the chicken cooks in it’s own rendered fat as it bakes, and excess fat drips off onto the pan. 

Salted egg wings 1

This has been one of my favourite way to make crispy oven-baked chicken wings, and be able to enjoy it with less guilt knowing that it did not come out from a deep fryer filled with oil. This recipe can be adapted to be used in an airfryer as well, as an air-fryer somewhat mimics that of a smaller oven. 

So let me get to the sauce. Oh the sauce… Mmmm the sauce… one word. Orgasmic. I mean, it’s salted egg yolk, curry leaves, chilli padi, tad of curry powder to boost the aroma of curry leaves, a tad bit of sugar to balance the saltiness of the yolk, and then the creaminess of the evaporated milk. We made 12 mid wings that night, meant for 4. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, the both of us finished all 12 in a sitting. The husband is not a salted egg yolk fan to begin with, but he could not stop eating it. He said, “What sauce is on these wings? The whole thing is really really good! You should make it again.” So a word of advice, make more or there will be war.  


Salted Egg Yolk Wings


Oven-baked crispy wings

  • 12 chicken mid wings
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Cooking spray / melted butter

Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

  • 4 salted egg yolks
  • 20 curry leaves
  • 1 chilli padi seeded and sliced
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 4 tbsp evaporated milk
  • 1 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp curry powder

Oven-baked crispy wings

  • Pre-heat oven to 200C.

  • Clean and pat dry wings.

  • Season wings with salt and pepper.

  • In a bowl, toss wings with flour and baking powder, lightly coating each side.

  • Place wings on wire rack and lightly spray with cooking spray or lightly brush on melted butter.

  • Bake for 25 minutes, flip and bake for another 10-15 minutes or until crispy.

Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

  • Steam salted egg yolks for 10 minutes until cooked.

  • Mash salted egg yolks.

  • In a pan, melt butter.

  • Stir-fry curry leaves, chilli, and garlic until fragrant.

  • Add salted egg yolk and stir-fry until bubbly.

  • Pour in evaporated milk, and season with sugar and curry powder.

  • Bring to a boil, reduce slightly, and remove from heat. (This process is quick, do not over simmer and dry up sauce.)

Do not over simmer sauce or over reduce or sauce will dry up.
Add more milk if you want more sauce.

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Poached Egg on Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Toast – Delishar

2 weeks ago, I shared a Browned Butter Salmon on Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Pasta. That was the first time I made this amazing pesto. It goes on anything and everything. It’ll even make furniture taste delicious. But I would not recommend that.

Ever since that day that I introduce it to the family, they could not get enough of it. My girls love it with their pasta, and I like to have it on toast. So I spread it on my toast instead of using butter. Much healthier too!

A little yolk porn to get you motivated to make it soon. 😛 I made this for brunch one weekend morning. Since the husband isn’t a big fan of poached eggs, I usually refrain from making it when he is around for meals. However, he left for work early that day, so it’s food freedom. Yay! That golden lava yolk is so glorious, and it sets my saliva glands going like cray cray. Enough of the yakking, let’s get down to the delicious business.  

Poached Eggs with Avocado on Sun-dried Tomato Pesto Toast


Sun-dried tomato pesto (Makes about 1 cup)

  • 40 g fresh basil leaves
  • 200 g sundried tomatoes
  • 1/4 cup 59ml extra virgin olive oil + a little more if you wish
  • 4 tbsp shredded Parmesan cheese
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • 2 slices wholewheat bread toasted
  • 1 avocado pitted and sliced/mashed
  • Sun-dried tomato pesto as needed

To poach 1-2 eggs

  • Bring water to a simmer, season with salt, & a splash of vinegar to a simmer, swirl it with a spoon to create Whirlpool. Crack egg into ramekin/bowl. Gently slide room temp egg in the middle, cover, turn off heat, and allow to sit for 4 mins.

To poach a batch at once

  • Use a wide pan with higher sides. Bring water to a simmer, season with salt, & a splash of vinegar to a simmer. Crack egg into ramekin/bowl. Gently slide room temp egg into water. Repeat. Egg>ramekin>water. Or you can use multiple ramekin, to hold each egg individually. But more to wash. 😛 Cook each egg for about 4 mins. Check, whites are set but yolk still soft and molten. Remove with a slotted spoon, and drain on paper towel.

Sun-dried tomato pesto

  • Place all the ingredients into food processor.

  • Process until you get a paste. If too thick, thin it out with a little more olive oil if desired.

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Mango Chicken on Cauliflower Egg Fried Rice – Delishar

The husband came home one day, rather excited to discuss a brilliant idea he had. 
Husband: “Do you know of the Whole30? I would like to go on it, would you do it with me? Please? I really need you.”
Me: “Hmmm, to be your personal cook I suppose? Let me do a little research and let you know.”

Next day, I went to the library to read up on this whole 30 program. I was intrigued, and checked out the book to go a little more in depth. After I’m sped through the first half of the book, I told the husband, “I’ll do it if you read this book too. Skip the recipes, just read what this program is really about and the rules that follows.” 

If we are doing this I need commitment. Why? This is going to be the toughest challenge that we will be embarking on. Basically, the rules are no sugar (real or refined), dairy, legumes, grains, alcohol (not even for cooking), carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites, and no baked goods, junk foods, or treats with “approved” ingredients. So in short, no soy sauce, pasta, rice etc. What do we eat then?!

After researching, I was pretty confident that I can make Whole30 compliant food using the approved food list, this is one such recipe. Made it as a test-run. It was so goooood, that we felt pretty confident diving into this program! So we agreed on a date, the Monday after my youngest daughter’s birthday party.

Why? Because we all wanted cake! Lol A little diversion. This is the bear cake I made for her. Quite proud of myself as it was my first time making a bear cake and with modeling chocolate too. I had a tiny sliver of cake that day to celebrate her birthday, and mark my sugar-free journey.

Focus. Whole30 in short eliminates food that causes allergies, addiction, or mess up our gut health. Thus, programming the body to reset itself, and slowly re-introduce food to find out how the body reacts to it. I’m hoping this will help with my daily sinus and hive problem. I’ll blog more about our Whole30 journey, and share the recipes that comes with it as well. For now, let’s just hope I can survive my mornings without my Kopi Kau (thick coffee with condensed milk). That hit of sugar in the morning is probably what has been keeping me from biting off people’s head. lol! 

Mango Chicken on Cauliflower Egg Fried Rice



  • 5 tbsp Tapioca flour
  • 400 g Chicken breast patted dry and cut into one-inch cubes
  • Salt & black pepper to taste
  • 3 tbsp Coconut oil

Mango Sauce

  • 4 tsp coconut oil divided
  • 1 tbsp ginger grated
  • 3 cloves garlic grated
  • 1 tsp ground cumin
  • 1/2 tsp chilli flakes optional
  • 1 1/2 cup 360ml mango juice (100% pure juice)
  • 1 tbsp coconut aminos*
  • 3 tsp tapioca flour

Cauliflower rice

  • 6 cups cauliflower cut into bite-sized pieces about 620g
  • 3 tsp coconut oil
  • 2 eggs lightly beaten
  • 1/4 cup spring onion chopped
  • 1 tbsp coconut aminos
  • salt and black pepper to taste

Baby Beans

  • 300 g baby beans ends removed
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • Salt and black pepper to taste


  • Chopped spring onions
  • Toasted black sesame seeds


  • Place chicken, flour, salt & pepper into a ziplock bag. Seal and toss to coat chicken with seasoning and flour.

  • Heat pan on medium high heat, add oil.

  • Shake off excess flour, and pan fry chicken until golden on all sides. You may have to do this in batches.

  • Remove and set aside.

Mango Sauce

  • With the same pan, give it a wipe with kitchen towels.

  • Add oil and heat on medium heat, melt coconut oil.

  • Add in the ginger, garlic, chilli flakes, and cumin. Cook until fragrant, about 1 minute.

  • Add in the juice and coconut aminos.

  • Bring to boil at high heat.

  • Add 1 tbsp of sauce liquid to 1 tbsp of tapioca flour in a bowl, and whisk until smooth.

  • Pour mixture into sauce while stirring constantly, and cook for 2 minutes.

  • Reduce heat to medium low and simmer for 6-7 mins, stirring frequently, until the sauce reduces by about 1/4.

  • Remove from heat, and add in chicken.

  • Toss to coat.

Cauliflower rice

  • Process cauliflower in food processor until you get rice size pieces.

  • Heat wok on high heat, and add coconut oil.

  • Add cauliflower to stir fry for 6-8 minutes.

  • Create a well in the middle of the cauliflower and add in eggs.

  • Scramble until almost set, and toss together with cauliflower.

  • Season with coconut aminos, salt, and pepper.

  • Remove from heat, and toss in spring onions.

Baby Beans

  • Heat pan on medium high heat, and add oil.

  • Add beans to saute until desired done-ness.

  • Season with salt and black pepper half way through.

I made my own mango juice by pureeing a fresh mango and some water.
Coconut aminos is a whole30 compliant ‘soy’ sauce.

Adapted from LAMuscle

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Smoked Salmon Egg Crepe – Delishar

Breakfast recipes are pretty rare on my blog. Simply because it’s a mad rush for us every morning. It was even more so when we were on the Whole30 program. Getting up extra early to make compliant breakfast for the family, then dine together, and get the girls ready to catch their school bus. It’s not always pretty. A lot of, “Hurry upppppp!”, “Come on, let’s move move move, today please!”. No sugar coating the mornings. lol! 

But this breakfast was so good, I had to remake it after the girls are in school. So that I can share it with all of you. This recipe is Whole30 compliant too, as long as you use compliant smoked salmon. Refer to this post for resources on where I get my compliant products. 

One tip before you start making this recipe. Do use a good non-stick pan for this recipe. This is so that you don’t have broken egg crepe, or one that is completely stuck on the pan. Which, quite honestly, suck. Here, I’m using my Retroflam 24cm frying pan. Which was a perfect size for a 2 eggs crepe. If you are interested, you can read my review for the pan. In case anybody wants to know, I used 60g eggs. Here’s how I made these delicious breakfast crepes.

Heat pan on medium high, with oil then saute mushrooms seasoned with salt and black pepper until brown.

Then add spinach, cherry tomatoes, and 1 tsp olive oil to cook until spinach starts to wilt.

Remove from heat and transfer to plate.

Beat 2 eggs in a bowl. In the same pan over medium-low heat, add 1 tsp oil, swirl to coat pan, then pour in the 2 beaten eggs.  Swirl the eggs around the pan to evenly distribute. Allow to cook until top is set and the sides pulls away from pan.

Spoon over ½ of the spinach mixture on half of the egg crepe, fold over, and slide it onto a serving plate.

Smoked Salmon Egg Crepe


  • 60 g baby spinach
  • 6 cherry tomatoes halved
  • 4 70g white button mushrooms, sliced
  • 4 slices smoked salmon
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • Salt and black pepper
  • Beat 2 eggs in a bowl.

  • Heat a medium size non-stick pan on medium heat with 1 tbsp olive oil.

  • Add mushrooms, season with salt and black pepper, and cook until slightly browned.

  • Then add spinach, cherry tomatoes, and 1 tsp olive oil to cook until spinach starts to wilt.

  • Remove from heat and transfer to plate.

  • In the same pan over medium-low heat, add 1 tsp oil, swirl to coat pan, and pour in the 2 beaten eggs.

  • Swirl the eggs around the pan to evenly distribute.

  • Allow to cook until top is set and the sides pulls away from pan.

  • Spoon over ½ of the spinach mixture on half of the egg crepe, fold over, and slide it onto a serving plate.

  • Repeat for the other 2 eggs.

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Dodo Chicken Platter with Salted Egg Yolk Dip – Delishar

Crispy & crunchy battered succulent fried boneless chicken with a rich decadent silky 5-ingredient salted egg yolk sauce to pair. This chicken platter combo is a match made in heaven. Using Dodo’s new chicken series saves me the time and mess from having to marinate and batter the chicken myself! The crowd favourite sauce uses only 5 simple ingredients and takes 5 minutes to put together. Perfect for the upcoming festive celebrations.

Dodo Chicken Platter with Salted Egg Yolk Dip

DoDo recently released a new Halal certified chicken series comprising of:
– DoDo Chicken Patty (In Batter)
– Chicken Cutlet (Leg)
– DoDo Chicken Patty Mala

You can oven bake, air-fry, or fry it frozen as I did. Yes, no need to thaw it out. How convenient is that?! Great for last-minute parties, when you have the munchies, or when you just do not know what to make for dinner. I’ve made Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry Don, Crispy Chicken Salad, ‘Zinger’ Burger, and Chicken Katsu Don with it so far.

My favourite is the Mala Chicken Patty. That was a flavour bomb, just like what a good bowl of mala should be. It’s not subtle, nor is it overwhelming. If you are a mala lover, you’ll find it difficult to keep your hands off this one! The Chicken Cutlet uses chicken leg meat which makes it juicer, great for burgers. My youngest, the fried chicken lover, can’t stop eating the Chicken Patty and Chicken Cutlet. That little girl ate 3 pieces at dinner and was reaching for her 4th when I had to stop her from over-eating.

Dodo Chicken Platter with Salted Egg Yolk Dip 1

The sauce pairs perfectly with the 3 varieties. The creaminess of the sauce helps to balance out the spices in Mala chicken and adds depth to the other 2 varieties. The chicken pieces on their own are well seasoned and flavourful. I honestly really like this new range of DoDo chicken series!

DoDo is having a Festive Chicky Bundle for the DoDo Chicken Series. 3 Mix & Match packets for only $30 until 31 Dec 2021 at DoDo’s e-Store! Normal RSP $49.90, that’s great savings! Grab yours before the deal ends!

Dodo Chicken Platter with Salted Egg Yolk Dip

Prep Time 5 minutes

Cook Time 30 minutes

  • DoDo Chicken Patty In Batter 4 pcs
  • DoDo Chicken Cutlet Leg 4 pcs
  • DoDo Chicken Patty Mala In Batter 4 pcs
  • Oil for deep frying

Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

  • 5 Salted egg yolk mashed *see notes
  • 60 g butter
  • 120 ml evaporated milk
  • 3 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp fish sauce

Garnish (optional)

  • Shredded spring onion
  • Sliced red chilli

Salted Egg Yolk Sauce

  • Heat a pan on medium heat to melt butter.

  • Add salted egg yolk to cook until bubbly.

  • (Salted egg yolk was steamed for 15-20 minutes then mashed)

  • Add fish sauce and sugar. Give it a quick mix.

  • Pour in evaporated milk, bring to boil, and remove from heat immediately.

  • Pour into the blender to blend until thick and smooth.

  • Garnish platter & serve with dipping sauce.

Oven bake: 200C for 20 Minutes
Salted egg yolk: steam for 20 minutes on high or microwave on high for 1-2 minutes
Dodo Chicken Platter with Salted Egg Yolk Dip top

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